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Life Insurance

A Colorado Life Insurance Policy

Today, life insurance has become a must-have coverage for your life in the event your life is cut short. The number of sudden deaths being caused by auto accidents and short illness is always looming. If you have loved ones who depend on you in Colorado, then the only way you can secure their financial future is by having a life insurance policy.

Our life insurance provides a death benefit to your beneficiary upon your death. You can be assured that your loved ones will continue enjoying the same lifestyle when you finally pass away. Having a life insurance policy is also a way of ensuring that your funeral expenses don't become a burden to other people. At Stanton Insurance, we offer different types of life insurance depending on your needs.

Term Life

Our term life insurance policy will pay your beneficiary death benefits when you die during the term of the policy which runs for up to 30 years. Furthermore, our term insurance is divided into level terms and decreasing terms. The level term coverage policy means that your death benefits remain the same throughout the policy duration while decreasing term means that your death benefit will be dropping over the course of the policy duration.

Whole Life Policy

Our whole life policy will pay your death benefit to your beneficiary whenever you die. With a whole life policy, you can choose either the whole life, universal life, or the variable universal life. When you select the whole life, your death benefit and premium will remain the same throughout the life of the insurance policy.

Our universal life policy is flexible in a way that you can alter your premium payments when your account hits a certain target. Our variable life policy for Colorado residents combines your death protection with account savings, and then the money is invested in either money market mutual funds, bonds, or the stock market.

Do you care about the welfare of your family and how they will live their life when you die? Contact Stanton Insurance today for a life insurance policy and to learn more about the benefits of coverage. For quotes, reach out to us by phone or visit our office.