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Commercial Insurance

Commercial insurance plays a critical role in the world economy. In fact, without commercial insurance, the economy can't perform as expected. The purpose of commercial insurance is to protect the world economic system from failure since the provider assumes inherent risks associated with the production and supply of goods and services.

Stanton Insurance brings you friendly commercial insurance in Colorado which takes care of your business needs. We protect your business and help you back to where you were when you suffer significant losses. At Stanton Insurance, we understand the value of your business and the tremendous responsibility that you've given to us to protect it.

What Insurance Do We Cover?

Our commercial insurance policy protects your business against significant financial loss. We cover several areas including but not limited to fire, theft, vandalism, and natural disasters.

Our General Liability Coverage

Our commercial insurance policy also includes general liability coverage. This means that if a client is injured in your business premises in Colorado as a result of negligence, we will cater for their medical expenses and try to reach an amicable solution to the matter outside the court. However, if the case ends up in court, we shall also meet your legal costs. We shall always be there to make sure that your business doesn't crumble.

Business Property Coverage

We also protect your business premises if you own the building. Our property coverage includes universal protection for the building as well as everything inside it. We shall compensate you if your business building is destroyed by fire, storms, or any other disaster, or if your property is stolen or vandalized.

Business Interruption Coverage

We understand that you may lose significant income when your business isn't running, and that is why we have business interruption coverage in our policy. We shall reimburse all the lost income if your business is affected by a disaster.

Is your business not yet covered? Contact us today for a comprehensive commercial insurance policy in Colorado. Our agents will work with you to help you pick out the proper coverage and to learn more about how a policy works.