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Aflac Stanton Insurance

Aflac is a supplemental insurance company that specializes in supplemental insurance. It's intended to work alongside the usual health insurance coverage. All insurance policies have a coverage that takes care of medical expenses when uncertainties occur. But, other expenses may affect policyholders that are not catered for in the typical health insurance coverage. They include loss of wages, transport costs, extra medical expenses, and financial instability when a policyholder is sick or injured. This is where Supplemental Insurance such as Aflac comes in ‐ to take care of all these expenses. Here is a guide to the state requirements and the coverage options for Aflac to help you make an informed decision.

State requirements

It's not a mandatory requirement to have an Aflac coverage in Colorado, but purchasing it could be the most critical and beneficial decision you can make to avoid financial constraints in times of a crisis.

Aflac coverage options

Just like any other insurance policy, you should carry out enough research before purchasing Aflac insurance. Getting the support of a knowledgeable local agency like Stanton Insurance will help you get a Colorado policy that will give you as much coverage as you find necessary. At Stanton insurance, we offer affordable Aflac insurance policies that will take care of your needs. Talk to us today to get a quote, purchase an insurance policy, or even get answers to any questions you may have on Aflac insurance.